Weg/ Strecke

概念/表演者 Concept & Performer: Yi-Jou Chuang
服裝設計 Costume: Kai-Chiang Lin
表演時長 Duration: 15 min.

“Do you dance to draw a picture, or do you draw a picture so you dance?”

此作品是我在 2010 年起身體與繪畫的系列作品中的最後一件。此系列在試圖找到身體律動與繪畫之間的關係, 如何至創作過程的身體感,如何體現身體感作品之中。此作品利用藍芽感應裝置讓機械裝置能感應我身體動作並轉換成移動路線,在移動過程中在紙上留下線條痕跡。舞蹈動作與繪畫在同一時間開始,同一時間結束。如同一場對話一般,身體與繪畫工具透過看不見的物質產生了連結,而編舞跟繪畫也在這裡產生新的交互關係。彼此互相引導也互相牽制,甚而互相成為彼此紀錄過程。

This was the last of my work series on body and painting since 2010. This series explores the relationship between body movement and drawing, how to transform the drawing line as a movement, and how to embody the movement into a two-dimensional space (paper). A Bluetooth sensing device in a toy car picks up my body movements and converts them into a moving path. The car leaves traces of lines on the paper. The dancing and drawing begin and end at the same time. As in a conversation, the body and the drawing-car are linked invisibly, while the choreography and drawing also create new interactions. Between each other, there is mutual guidance and containment–in the process, they record and correspond to each other.