Jumping frames 跳格 (2010-2013)

「….畫畫因而是身體的一場舞蹈、儀式、作戰,因為它來自畫家自我身體的驅策,乃是身體尋找 身體的過程。」 Marc Le Bot,《身體的意象》, (湯皇珍 譯, 1996, Yuan-Liou Co)

“Painting is a dance of the body, a ritual, a war. It is driven by the artist’s body. It is a process of body searching for the body.” Marc Le Bot, Images du corps(chinses version)

When I’m dancing, I stopped thinking. I can only concentrate on the feeling of my body which gives me strength, breathing, and lines of walking. I won’t feel the body like the dancing time when I am painting. Beyond the mind, I want more from hand, only the feeling of breathing. By the process, I want to understand more the state of my body when I am painting. When the Brain, hand, and body both are linked together. The time I portrayed a dancer action, I try to feel the muscles of his/her’s body, his/her’s rhythm, the residence of his/her’s sight.