Boxing the Landscape

盒裝風景 2009-2016 系列風景畫
The painting series 2009-2016 under the concept: package the memories into the Box. 


「風景是人與自然、人與人之間、人與自我的一個關係語詞,其中的核心是「人」。」 「透過每個風景的解方法,可以得知其中的文化屬性,特別是作者的感官狀態,他的智識,他的欲 望,他的恐懼。風景表達了我們和世界、和他人,甚至是和我們的關係。」 Catherine Grout,《重返風景-當代藝術的地景再現》, 黃金菊
 “The scenery is a relative noun for man and nature, man and man, man and self. “Man” is still the core of it all.” “Through the understanding of the scenery, one can understand the cultural attributes, especially the author’s senses, his knowledge, his desires, his fears. The scenery expresses the relationship between the world and us, the other and us, even us and us.”  -Catherine Grout: Représentations et expériences du paysage.


I started this series of artwork in 2009. The name “Box(V.)” means that after cramming in too much information, I was not able to deal with it properly, so I decided put everything in the box.

第一階段 the first phase (2009)

第二階段 the second phase (2009)

第三階段 the second phase (2010-2016)