a performance about the movement and drawing.
首演 Premiere: 2015/05/19 in Uferstudio 14, Berlin

製作人 Producer: Josepha Maschke
導演/文本 Director/Text: Pauline Beaulieu
舞台設計 Stage design: Yi-Jou Chuang
服裝設計 Costume design: Teresa Grosser
燈光設計 Light design: Michele Piazzi
戲劇構作 Dramaturgy: Stephanie Michels
舞台設計助理 Stage design assistant: Marie Fages
演員 Actor: Madeleine Bongard / dancer: Tim Crafti/ Musician: Knut Jürgens


導演透過收集所以參與製作的人員自身的故事,集結稱一篇討論移動的表演。試圖提出人為什麼需要移動? 是什麼原因使人選擇移動?製造移動的拉力跟阻力之間的對話。這些密切的移動,點跟點之間產生的是哪種 痕跡,而異動後留下來是否能具象的被記錄下來。 舞台空間裡有各式各樣大小的木箱,木箱在行進時會在地上畫下線條,代表移動留下的軌跡。不同的速度甚 至靜止都能產生痕跡。觀眾隨興坐在舞台的地上,這些軌跡將觀眾一點一點地連結起來,而這些線條也在整 個表演過程中不斷地填滿場地,彷彿這些移動製造了其實更大的土地,更大的自由。整個舞台也如同一個旅 程紀錄一般,由最初空白的地板,一點點的產生變化直到演出結束。

The director wrote the text about moving by collecting stories from those involved in the production: Why do people need to move? What makes people choose to do so? How can we record and visualize the move on stage? In the stage, there are various-sized wooden boxes, they draw lines on the ground as they move. The lines are the traces of the movement. Different speed or even stillness can produce the traces. The audiences sit casually on the stage floor, the traces connecting the audiences little by little throughout the play. Eventually, the lines fill the stage floor, as if the moves created larger lands, larger dreams. The entire stage is like a recording of many journeys, which changed all the time, from the blank floor in the beginning to fully-covered floor at the end of the performance.