Concept & Performer: Yi-Jou Chuang
Costume: Isa Wiethölter

time of performance: 15-30 min

The cube is a motif I used frequently in past paintings. I like its simple form, which also embodies multilayered meanings. In theater, actors use different sized cubes to organize various scenes and props during the rehearsal. It is how a play begins. In Taiwan, drawing a cube with a pencil on paper is the basic practice–that is how we start the classical drawing training. The cube in my life is not just a simple geometric shape, but full of possibilities for interpretation. When you draw a cube on a surface, you will find that it is a combination of a Y-shape and a framed hexagon. In this work, I painted parts of the lines of a cube in the corner of the room and used my body to show the rest. With their own characteristics, the line of this cube has two parts: on the wall, the lines of immutability; extending from my body, the lines of variability. Through movements of the body, the lines became different shapes and created new spaces in-between. Through the process, the performer transformed into an object. Lines and the altered spaces became a living sculpture, full of vitality. There was a dialogue between the moveable and immovable lines. The audiences see different things from different perspectives: at some point, the almost complete cubic space was visible, and at other points, other forms were present.